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Leidene supports clients in evolving their racial consciousness, and moving from knowing to doing and embodying. Racism is constantly active. So then must be our racial equity efforts.

Leidene & Dr. J. Johnson, participant in Towards Cultural Relevance in
Teaching 2-day Institute

Whether coaching one-on-one or facilitating and presenting to groups of 15 to 150, Leidene is known for her depth of knowledge, keen intellect and notable heartfulness.

– A Fan

Coaching for Culturally Relevant Teaching, participant V. Benjamin
National Summit for Courageous Conversation “What’s Your Wakanda?” Presentation

Rigorous, Multi-Session Coaching Cohorts (max of 25 participants)

Depending on the desired learning outcomes, racially homogenous groups sometimes better support race-based learning. Other times racially mixed groups work best. Whichever it is, these intimate coaching cohorts held over several weeks for at least 90 minutes each are rigorous, in-depth and transformative. Completion of assignments between sessions is required to support participants in walking with newly acquired knowledge and developing solutions to move through current obstacles to effective anti-racist action.

Contact Leidene for dates of other upcoming series in 2023.

One-on-One Coaching

For leaders of organizations and other individuals seeking a challenging, customized coaching experience through which you will build knowledge, skill and capacity to achieve your desired goals. Expect relevant, performance based assignments in between sessions coupled with in-depth self-exploration to heal undesired patterns, and expand and deepen your consciousness.

Large Group Facilitation and Presentations

For groups and organizations committed to embodying racial equity not just prioritizing it during times of crisis or mainstream popularity. Racism is embedded in our individual mindsets and the fabric of our organizational cultures. In order to re-envision and construct racially equitable experiences for all, clients embark on an inward journey of “know thyself.” This inner transformation of consciousness then allows for outward transformation of policies, practices and ultimately results. This is an ongoing journey for those committed for the long-term.

Speaking Engagements

For those seeking education and inspiration related to race, grief and/or consciousness evolution.

I want to start by expressing my deepest gratitude to you and your masterful facilitation.  
Thank you for helping me uncover more about myself in this process.  Your magnetic energy radiates light and I feel blessed to have shared in your space.  You are amazing.

Y. Mercedes (NY)

Reach out today to discuss your needs and how Leidene might be of support.

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