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Race Matters.

Leidene’s Racial Autobiography as published in Courageous Conversations About Race 2nd Edition

What Are You?

Walking to my gate, I pass an African-American male. We nod in acknowledgement of one another and continue on our ways.  Arriving at my gate I find a seat and begin to situate my carry-on and work bag.  I look up and catch the gaze of a White female staring at me.  As our eyes meet, she hurriedly…

Healing The Racial Divide: Leidene Begins at 1:36

Grief Matters.

Brennan Energy Medicine practitioner and seasoned Racial Consciousness coach Leidene King offers this space for those experiencing grief. Upon her Mom’s passing, Leidene found few were equipped to meaningfully support her in and through grief. All were well meaning but most wanted her to just feel better, move on, get back to “normal.” 

She knew however that healing requires presence – being with what is. This is essential to transformation. So, in this space we offer you what Leidene desired more of during her grief journey – a space in which to show up, be with your grief and be received in it. No pushing, pulling, prodding or advising – just being with self and others, and one’s experience of grief so it can be received and in time transformed. This is not counseling or therapy, but rather an energetic container in which to be received and ultimately heal. This is sacred space open to all faiths and spiritual paths, and will include prayer, setting of intention, healing music, meditation and whole group sharing. Upcoming dates/times will be shared as they come forth. Thank you for your interest.

Consciousness Matters.

On The Radio with Yale trained M.D. Kamau Kokayi

During this 25-minute conversation just a few days before the 2021 Presidential election, Leidene talks with Dr. Kamau Kokayi on his weekly radio show Quantum Medicine. Dr. Kokayi is graduate of Yale Medical School and offers diagnostic and therapeutic treatments that include nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, manipulative therapy, nutritional counseling homeopathy, acupuncture, kinesiology, intravenous therapy, and bioenergetics. He asked Leidene to discuss the connection between consciousness and racism as we work to ascend in consciousness in order to heal racism & its many fruits. For more about Dr. Kokayi, visit: https://healinghealthservices.com.

Eyes on Whiteness Podcast Interview

Leidene speaks with Eyes On Whiteness co-host Maureen Benson about her experiences in metaphysical and healing spaces. In particular, she shares the tension between basic metaphysical principles like, “We are One,” and her daily lived and unique racialized experiences. 

Joyfully You Podcast Interview with Dr. Patrina Clark

“Just because we’re magic, doesn’t mean we’re not real.”

Jesse Williams, 2016 BET Awards Speech

Dr. Patrina Clark and Leidene share their thoughts on “Black Girl Magic,” launching their discussion from the power-filled, humanizing closing comments of Jesse Williams after he accepted BET’s Humanitarian Award.

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