Race Matters.
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How many more racially predictable, patterned outcomes do you need to see to believe that race matters? Having lived race quite saliently since she entered kindergarten, life has taught Leidene that race matters. Still, it is no surprise to her that those who have lived race differently than she has, particularly those who are White, often hold very different beliefs about race.

If we are, however, to create a racially equitable world in which everyone has opportunities to bring forth and actualize their unique talents, it is essential that we know ourselves as racial beings in the context of Whiteness in the US. Such consciousness allows us to leverage our relationship to “White” for the benefit of racial equity rather than continuing to unconsciously perpetuate racism.

Leidene supports willing people of every race to evolve in their racial identity development, and translate what they know into what they do. In her years of teaching thousands across the US about systemic racism, one of the greatest challenges for learners was walking with what they’d learned. To help fill this gap. Leidene coaches clients to higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy so they can embody effective action for racial equity.

Grief Matters.

With loss, there is often grief and grief is often painful. Since most human beings don’t readily embrace pain, avoidance of grief is typical. In avoidance, one’s capacity to tolerate and be with grief related pain remains limited. To heal grief, though, one must be with it. When we don’t, the energy of grief can become stuck and eventually manifest as abnormal physiology (disease.) “Being with” rather than avoiding grief allows those grieving to move more healthily through the stages of grief from denial, anger, bargaining and depression ultimately to acceptance.

As a graduate of NASA physicist Barbara Brennan’s School of Healing, Leidene provides a safe sacred energetic holding space within which clients can be with their grief – meet it, receive it, embrace it. It is in this meeting that the energy that is grief can shift, evolve and transform organically… and over time give way to “A Good Grief.”

With the loss of loved ones, a job, good health or even the loss of beliefs in for example colorblindness and equality, grief is a normal natural part of the human experience. Leidene supports those journeying through loss, change and transformation to honor their grief experience so they can emerge greater, wiser and more self-loving versions of themselves.

Consciousness Matters.
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We live, lead, work, parent,… through who we are and what we believe. The question then is — who are you?

Having begun the journey towards answering this question for herself decades ago, Leidene supports clients who have chosen this “road less traveled,” to return to the Truth of who they (and who she believes we each) are — inherently beautiful, brilliant, good and great. As we undo our “mis-education” and release the falsities we have been taught and accepted as true about ourself and others, the world transforms as we are transformed.

It is through this frame that Leidene works with clients to achieve their goals – even those that have been elusive for some time – by diving deeply within, releasing what no longer serves and emerging more fully who they are. The focus of Leidene’s work is on one’s consciousness – for this is the template for what shows up in the material reality. When consciousness shifts, everything shifts. As we envision and work to create a racially equitable world, expanded consciousness is a prerequisite.